Friday, March 14, 2014

SeaWorld, Orlando

 Up close at the dolphin nursery.

 Pets Ahoy animal show.

 Blue Horizons dolphin and acrobatic show.

 At one point there were trapeze artists flying around and men diving from both sides of the arena, parrots flying around etc.  It was pretty neat.



 Turtles and fish.  There were massive turtles in this tank.

 Whenever there was a tank that had a viewing window in the ceiling, Little Mr. was just mesmerized.

 The little babies were so cute!

 The Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island show was fun, but what was the most entertaining was the pre-show. This mime comes out and basically makes this show a "must see."  He was beyond hilarious.  He is showing these 2 guests to their seats (yes, he is waving his hand towards the water.)  Most of the time the guests were unaware that they were part of his act and oh man was it hilarious.  You can actually look up "seaworld orlando mime") on YouTube and watch clips of him from past shows.  I regret not taking a video when we were there!

 Little Mr. uses my old camera sometimes.

 Behind the scenes.

 I didn't take photos of the whales jumping close to us because no matter where you stood, you were in the splash zone, but we ended up being super close to the spot where this whale posed for a photo op!



  1. Looks like a few upgrades since we took you guys there as kids. Bring back any memories?

  2. Yes, definitely changes! Nothing looked familiar to me but the Antarctica area, it must have been pretty new when we were there.


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