Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fort Frederica Etc.

 When Grandma J was here we visited Fort Frederica.

 There is a nice little museum there that is home to all sorts of cool artifacts that were found at the fort.  You can learn all tons of history about the fort, watch a video, play old wooden games and dress up in period costumes.

Many of these sunnier photos were taken on a different visit to the fort, but I am just adding them in here because they are of the same place.  I didn't take many outdoor photos during the visit with Grandma J since I knew I already had these.

Yup, you read correctly.  We were standing right in front of the place where John Wesley almost died by... scissors!  Strange story! 

It is neat to see some of the relics they found at each home or building site.  There are displays outdoors as well as indoors.

Storehouse foundation.

 The magazine is all that is left along the water.


Tabby is a primitive type of cement that they built buildings out of, which contains oyster shells.

 Grandma J and the boys.  Well... you can't see Little Brother lol, and Little Mr. is being silly and riding in the infant seat!



 Another day during Grandma J's visit, we walked down to the lighthouse near the village pier.

 A dolphin or porpoise... not sure which.

It was a lovely day!

 Southern Soul BBQ was also visited while she was here!

 A modern story time. :)

This photo was taken after Grandma J flew home, but it is just posted here to say "Thank you Baba!" from Little Mr. who loved the ice cream she left behind for him.  On her last night here The Mr. went out and got some Yobe for us after the boys went to bed, and she had put some of hers in the freezer for Little Mr. to have the next day.  He was delighted!

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  1. Wonderful series of photos. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.


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