Thursday, February 27, 2014

Georgia Aquarium

Here is Little Brother working on his sign language for "love" during a roadtrip to Atlanta, GA on December 10th.  This is the only time I've ever seen him sucking his fingers like this, the five hour drive must have made him a little bored. 

We stayed at a hotel right near the airport, so near in fact that the sky train came almost right to our door.  Little Mr. loved watching the trains come and go.  It was a quiet hotel even with all the busyness of the airport nearby.

Our room's very modern decor.


"I'm ready to get out of the car seat Mama!"

On our way to the Georgia Aquarium the next day we went through a small downtown area during a search for Starbucks.  They don't have as many locations as they do in the PNW!

WAY up high between two buildings were several walkways, some of them were a few stories tall.  I wish this photo had more perspective, this was pretty cool to see.

We parked in the covered parking and then walked under cover the whole way until we reached this area near the front doors where they were shuttling people back and forth under a large table/sun umbrella.  It was good for a laugh!

The aquarium is beautiful.

The lighting in this area changes colors and it is a fun atmosphere.

Our little map reader.


Baby sea otters.

Beluga Whales

Sea Dragon

A 100 foot long tunnel through the largest tank at the aquarium.

Whale Sharks- the largest fish species in the world.

The largest Manta Ray in this tank is almost nine feet across and weighs approximately 265 pounds.

The 6.3 million gallon tank.  The "glass" is 2 feet thick acrylic.  This window is 23x61 feet, (the 2nd largest in the world) and it is breathtaking.  It is called the Ocean Voyager.  According to several sources around the internet (one of which is this list), it is the largest tank in the world by several million gallons.

The Mr. and Little Mr.

At the dolphin show.

Little Mr. still talks about "fish in the water....jump...ball!"  The dolphins in the show touched the ball with their nose and their tail and he thought that was the best thing ever.

Overall our visit to the Georgia Aquarium was a blast and I highly recommend visiting!


  1. Wow, what an aquarium!!! Amazing!!! And so pretty!! Thanks for the "virtual tour", since I'll probably never get to go there. Pat just called and said she had a super fine time with you folks!!

  2. So cool! The whale sharks are amazing, so neat to see such an array of God's creatures that we don't usually. The picture of little brother just quietly observing is so cute, always make me wonder what they're thinking. :) SJo

  3. Total Package & I were staying in downtown Atlanta a few years back and went to the GA Aquarium. I'm so glad you got to take the boys! I still remember that amazing tunnel.


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