Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jet Lag Day

The day after we arrived here on the Georgia coast, we had what I refer to as a "Jet Lag Day."  On Jet Lag Day we just focused on our routine, especially eating and sleeping at the proper times.  The boys had both slept through night, which was an answer to prayer!  They woke up happy but definitely still tired. During Little Brother's morning nap, I had been unpacking and working around the condo for quite a while when I realized that Little Mr. was very quiet.  In fact I hadn't heard a peep out of him for probably 5 minutes at least.  When I walked out to the front room, he was nowhere to be seen so I called his name.  I called it twice before I heard a tiny "yuh?" coming from Little Brother's infant car seat.  And in it, I found Little Mr.,  all cozy with his binky and blanket.  My guess is that he was tired and since Little Brother was asleep in the bedroom, the car seat was the next comfiest choice so he gathered his usual nap-time items and settled in.  It was quite a funny surprise!  Since my goal was to keep the boys as close to their normal schedules as possible, I woke Little Mr. up from his nap and we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Outside our condo.

The boys, ready to explore our little area of the island.

When the sun shines through the moss draped trees it is so spectacular.

An adorable (and skinny!) little home. 

I'm fascinated by these signs posted around the island and hope to visit more of them to learn the history of Saint Simons.

We grabbed some lunch at Dairy Queen, since there weren't groceries at the condo yet, and ate it at the park.  We met some locals there at the park and gathered information about where the best parks were, the best public restrooms, the best beach etc.  It was nice to run into such friendly people, being so new to the area.  When our lunch was gone and the playground thoroughly explored, we headed home and had wonderful afternoon naps!


  1. The story about your little boy was very sweet, I especially loved the picture that went with and all the beautiful pictures of the pretty area's around your new home. Happy new year and may your new home bring you lots of joy :)

  2. Are yu going to live here for a while??? Is it near Jekyl Island?? I have a relative there half of the
    year. You will sure be missed here in the NW.

    1. Yes we are! I will send you a PM on Facebook. ;) It is right beside Jekyl Island, we just visited that island and it is pretty neat!

    2. I brought some of the dry stuff hanging off the trees and it made great pot covering for
      all my pots of flowers.


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