Thursday, January 9, 2014


I'm the kind of person who likes to have a full pantry to work from.  I know that meal planning would be a good idea but I still can't bring myself to do it.  However, here in Saint Simons there is a Winn Dixie store and that is it.  Of course there is shopping in nearby Brunswick (including a Super Walmart), but it is a 95 minute drive to get to the closest Costco.  Yes, you read correctly... ninety five minutes.  What am I going to do without their amazing baby wipes that can perfectly clean coffee off of The Mr.'s pristine white dress shirt Lord's Day morning?  And what about all those fancy shmancy ingredients that I can buy in bulk quantities, for cheaper than an 8oz container of the same thing at the regular grocery store?  Well, 95 minutes away isn't that bad if you make a day out of it, so that is what we decided to do and this is how it turned out.

 We're on our way!  This is a massive and beautiful bridge that is part of the F.J. Torras Causeway.  The Causeway carries you over a series of salt marshes and tidal rivers (there are four of them) that make Saint Simons Island, well... an island. :)

 Another massive bridge along the way, in Jacksonville FL.   These bridges are tall enough to let container ships and massive car carriers pass underneath.

 Once we reached Jacksonville there were some errands to run so The Mr. dropped us off at a mall where we window shopped and Little Mr. got some lunch.  I don't know if every Subway has this, but the Subway in this mall had breakfast available all day.  This little flatbread sandwich with egg, ham, cheese and tomato cost me $1.69 and Little Mr. treated me as if I had given him a big pile of candy to eat and started gobbling it up, tomato first of course since he loves them.

 Yup, he also got dessert!

 It was HOT there and we were not dressed for the occasion.

Insert photos of a full Costco shopping cart here and footage of both of us running around a busy Costco like chickens with our heads cut off. Costco carries different things regionally, and this was definitely a learning experience for us.  Several grocery items that were staples for us in Bellingham were either totally different here or unavailable!  Thankfully our trip was successful and next time we go it should be easier to make our way around the store since it will be after holiday season as well.

 On our way back to the island, the lighting was dreamy.

 Two tired boys conked out!

 The bridge on the causeway looked a lot different than it did in the morning.

This shot gives you an idea of what the salt marshes and tidal rivers look like.  They form a beautiful maze around Saint Simons Island.

When we were back at home, we decided it was well worth it, but that we would definitely be making this trip less often than we thought!  However, I love having a full pantry and certain items in bulk quantity, so I am so glad we went.


  1. It's about 85 min. less to my Costco, but only shop there if someone wants to share the bulk stuff!!
    It is a beautiful country there!!! Enjoy!!

  2. Wow neat bridges! Fun shot of both boys conked out with Little brother in the mirror. :) Costco is one of our favorite places to shop too! Being able to get things in bulk for a good deal is such a good feeling. ~ SJo

  3. so interesting to see the other side of the country and the ocean there.


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