Friday, September 27, 2013

Ferndale Street Fair

 I think this was over a month ago and I am just blogging it now, so if you are a local, this will seem really old! ;)  The Ferndale street fair was a lot of fun and perfect for a little 2 year old boy.  The Little Mr. got a bounce house all to himself, what (safer) fun! :)

Catching a turtle at the turtle adoption booth...  we have one of these for a bath toy now!

 Music for the kids.

 Touring a "woooOOO truck!" (Translation, he makes the sound of a firetruck as part of it's name.)


 Show and Shine

 Kettle Corn

 Walking on the "turtles", not something kids usually get to do!

 After the street fair we went to Boulevard park and checked out their new play structure, which was very cool!  Little Mr. is walking the bouncy plank on this cool pirates ship that is complete with a cannon, maps etc.

 An afternoon snack at Woods. :)

 We saw this guy's boat fall over and he ended up in the water, but he was wearing a wet suit and the little boat is designed with the ability to be brought upright out of the water single-handedly.  It was exciting to watch!

 Little Brother, cheery after a nap.

 Enjoying the nice weather and beach.

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