Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blaine Elementary School Playground

 On the Saturday that we celebrated Little Mr.'s second birthday, we spent part of the afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather in Blaine at the elementary school playground! 

 Mt. Baker

 The kids LOVED this slide.  It was a very scary slide.  Believe me, I went down it!  The kids went up and down it all by themselves a ton of times, including Little Mr.  The ladder was so steep and the slide was at such a sharp angle that I was sure someone was going to get hurt, but apparently I am a wuss, as everyone was perfectly fine. :)

 While the moms and kids mostly stuck to the playground, the dads were nearby playing tennis and Little Mr. wanted to join in on the fun.  It will be fun trying to teach him tennis when he is older!  Hopefully he's a better player than his mother!

 Adventuresome girls!

 Sweet little B!

Daniel, who is not so little anymore!

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  1. Never too young to start tennis!!!! So cute shots!!


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