Monday, May 27, 2013

A Weekend in Kirkland

On the evening of the 10th, Little Mr. officially had his first ice cream cone.   (I've been keeping him gluten-free... but now he gets a little wheat here and there.  However, he didn't eat the cone!)  We went to watch cousin Bri at gymnastics and celebrated with her after at Dairy Queen.  She got a metal and everything!  Congrats Bri!

 Bri is such a good older cousin, helping Little Mr. on the balance bike at their new house.

 And he's off!

 On Saturday night we watched cousin J4's baseball game with a bunch of family and then ate out at a Thai restaurant and Little Brother needed to cool off... so no pants it was!  I love his cute chunky thighs!!!

 On Lord's day evening L&P held a really fun joint birthday party for Bri, Al and Little Mr. complete with pinata, ice cream and treat bags!  Thank you so much!

 Getting ready to collect candy.

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  1. You get such good memories for the kids!!


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