Monday, April 22, 2013

Growing Up

Little Mr. is almost two and it is really bittersweet!  He is growing up so quickly.  He helps load and unload the dryer...

 Makes towers.


 Eats red onions with a passion (Olive Garden salad... YUM!)

 Sits on the couch and reads with Daddy.  (Goodnight Moon vs. a boating magazine.)  He crosses his ankles too, but I missed it in this shot and he was too wiggly in the others!

 Likes to wear Dada's slippers, and can walk in them pretty good.  He takes care of Little Brother, stopping the swing, replacing the binky and starting the swing up again.  Sometimes it's a little rough, but very cute!

 He loves playing outdoors.

 Last Saturday he played here

 The Mr. climbed up with him, he was so high and so far away!  It seemed like all of a sudden he was such a big boy.

 He loves to help!

Rain doesn't stop him. :)


  1. Wow - he IS growing up fast! I love the shaving pic!! And nice BMW!

  2. Great shots with his dad :-)

  3. I love seeing your photos and updates of your little MRs :)


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