Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Road Trip!

 Who needs a nap when you have a ginormous iced coffee? (Okay, so it wasn't really his...)

Last weekend the four of us piled into the car and made our way to Walla Walla, WA!  A bunch of The Mr.'s family was going to be getting together over the weekend for our nephews wedding, so we decided to leave on Thursday in order to arrive early and spend some time with friends in the area. 

 Our drive over the pass was beautiful!

 Stevens Pass Snow Resort

 Both boys had great naps on the way, we were so thankful!

 A sure sign of a good nap... no binky and totally relaxed.

 We stayed with T&J W. while we were in town and they treated us like royalty.  The weather was also treating us fine as you can see!  A couple of croquet games were played and the beautiful weather was thoroughly enjoyed.

 Little Brother.  See his little blonde eyebrows?  I love em.


 T&J have a laundry sink big enough for Little Mr. to take a bath in, so we made good use of it and he had a lot of fun!
The Mr.'s sister D came to town for the wedding, and it was so nice to see her again.  She got to meet our boys for the first time and it was neat that she got to see Little Brother when he was only 2 weeks old.

The wedding on Saturday!  Congratulations to the new couple!

Little Mr. loves to help out.  Here he was insisting on helping "carry" Little Brother's car seat.

A family shot. I am still getting used to the idea that we are a family of four.  I am so, so thankful!!!!!

On Lord's Day afternoon Little Mr.'s Uncle S and Aunt V put on a scrumptious meal for all the relatives that were in town.  It was a great time!  I had to catch these photos of Little Mr. as his hair only gets curly like this when he's been playing really hard, or had a long nap and I know we'll have to cut it again soon and those curls will be gone.

Excited to watch the kids outside jumping on the trampoline.

Little Brother in his outfit from Grandma B.  I love the placement of his hands in this photo... like it was deliberate.

After Walla Walla, the fun wasn't over!  We went to Leavenworth with Sallad, Grace and their three adorable little ones.

Their oldest and our youngest.  She is such a great help!

Saw this in a shop there and had to snap a photo!

I could spend a long time shopping here!

Cute as a souvenir, but does that price tag really say $72.99?!

Little Mr. had been napping in the stroller and I was carrying Little Brother in the Moby wrap so we didn't have his infant seat when I was ready to put him back into the stroller.  He looked so tiny in there!

All snuggled in.

MMM, gelato! Right before heading home, we actually met up with some friends in that live locally and went out for dinner and dessert with them.


  1. What a ton of fun--and those boys are both so stinkin' cute!!!!! Also, did I read correctly that The Mr. had been napping in the stroller? Because that's impressive and I need to know the secret to how that is possible so that I can take advantage while at the park some days : )

  2. Brooke- yeah we bought a really big stroller! Ha ha, thanks for pointing that out! I fixed it. :)


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