Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pearl Harbor

On our last evening in Hawaii we visited Pearl Harbor, and although we did not have time to visit the floating USS Arizona Memorial before closing, The Mr. was able to tour the USS Bowfin Submarine.  Kids aren't allowed on the sub, so Little Mr. and I walked through a small (& free) nearby museum which I found extremely interesting.  If we had given ourselves more time, the USS Missouri Battleship tour, sounds neat, as does the Pacific Aviation Museum.

Visitors touring the submarine are guided by an audio tour and as you walk within the submarine, there are numbers posted so you can learn about what you are seeing.  Unfortunately we don't have an audio tour available for you here today so you will just have to guess at what you are looking at! :)

Torpedo launch tubes in the forward torpedo room.  Click here for some interesting info about these tubes vs. modern day torpedo tubes.

Torpedoes.  And a bed?  I guess when 82 men are living on board, you have to put beds wherever there is room.  14 men slept in this room and there was room for 16 torpedoes.

The two tubes are very significant in this photo.  We're not sure why... but I'm sure the audio tour would tell us. :)

Officers Pantry.  No food was cooked here, but there was a small fridge and a coffee pot.  Food was brought here from the galley and prepared for the officers.

The Captain got his own room and then this is the officers sleeping quarters.  Pretty comfy compared to where everyone else slept!

Control room panel for bow plane and stern plane controls.

Press 205 on your audio tour at this time... oh wait... never mind!  I learned from here that it is the control room.

Control room diving station controls. Click here for more info.

Mess Quarters

Maneuvering Room  If you are at all interested to learn how this submarine works, click the link and learn about diesel engines vs. electric battery power and when they used one over the other and all sorts of crazy technical stuff that is pretty cool.

The USS Arizona Memorial.  Click here to see a photo (not taken by me) of what the memorial looks like from above. The floating memorial is centered over the sunken USS Arizona.

There are lots of interesting things to see on the grounds in the area.  Little Mr. loved all the buttons and levers.

Conning tower from a WWII sub.

Plumeria trees are so beautiful!  They were a common sight while we were in Hawaii.

See the window on this torpedo?  To learn more, read this.

On the way to the airport we stopped for some dinner and then let Little Mr. play for a bit.  He enjoyed getting to "drive" the rental car! We had a red-eye flight so we figured we'd better make sure he was nice and tired before we got the airport. :)

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  1. Great views of Pearl Harbor sights!!! Little Mr. is such a good subject to smile on key!!! So glad you do such fun stuff with him!


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