Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa B Come for a Visit!

 My parents were here for a week and innumerable games of Ticket to Ride were played.  Almost as many packages of Cheezies were consumed by yours truly, okay, that's a stretch... but they are my favorite and Mom and Dad bring them for me every time they come!

 While they were here, the little family that lives out back started getting more adventurous.  This was taken out my back window!

 Little Mr. LOVED having Grandma and Grandpa here and loved what he got from them for his birthday too.  It's the Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Barn and some Schleich farm animals to go with it.  So cool! 

He has fun putting them into the compartments and taking them back out again.

 More Ticket to Ride!

 Grandpa and Little Mr. became fast friends.

I love seeing him sit like this.  He is growing up too quickly though!  I'm enjoying every day of it and trying to write down all of the milestones even though it seems like they are all coming so quickly these days.

 When my parents are here, we like to fit in a visit to Woods Coffee, this location is in Ferndale.

Grandma B and Little Mr.!  If you take my mom's baby pictures and put them beside some of Little Mr.'s, there is a crazy resemblance.  Little Mr. definitely looks like The Mr. in some ways, but he does seem to favor my side of the family as well.

Little Mr. and his great grandparents! On the Lord's day after my parents arrived, there were so many family members together that I hadn't seen for SO long, that it felt like a little family reunion.  I hadn't seen my grandparents since last summer, and Lord willing we will see them again once this summer so I am hoping Little Mr. gets to know them really well.

 Little Mr. with his Grandpa.

 My parents were here for over a week, so the result of that was really cool—Little Mr. got quite attached to them and it was a really nice time for them to bond.

This is the rocking horse my dad made for me when I was Little Mr.'s age!  His feet just about touch, but he loves when someone rocks it for him. I love having a toy like this that brings back so many of my childhood memories.


  1. Nothing better than a visit from Grandpa and Grandma! We really enjoyed having them through our neck of the woods too. :) Do you notice that when your kid is at home on their own turf with Grampa and Gramma they are more the person you know them to be versus when you travel to visit it feels like Grandpa and Grandma don't really get to see the way the child usually is because they act a little bit different when everything is new and interesting and they're in travel mode. Maybe you guys travel enough that the little Mr. isn't like that, but I have notice that with my kids. Its always nice to have the grandparents come this way to really get a chance to see the kids personalities. Little Mr. is getting so grown up! and he is such a little sunshine! :) I'm not on the computer much these days, but when I am I always enjoy your posts. :)

  2. That's such a great picture of Little Mr. with your Dad playing Ticket to Ride : )

  3. I've liked all the Melissa & Doug products the boys used, and I always looked at those farm animals with longing, but never got any. Is Little Mr. walking now?? Such a sweet kid, and yes - he looks like you, but he has his dad's smile. -kdk

    1. He is just about walking! Actually yesterday he took off walking by himself for the first time and went about 10 steps! For a couple of weeks now he's been taking 3-4 steps on his own if one of us is there to catch him at the end. It's pretty fun!

  4. Love these pictures, it was such a fun time even if you win Ticket to Ride almost everytime! Miss that little guy, can't wait till August!

  5. Haven't even heard of Ticket to Ride!!! Looks like fun!!
    What a great visit with his grandparents!!! Yes, it is good to have the
    G.P come to your house where the little Mr. is at home!!!


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