Friday, March 23, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook- Spring Edition


Outside my window... Spring is happening.

I am thinking... that Little Mr. would enjoy some time outside.

I am thankful... for sunshine.

In the kitchen... menu planning should be taking place, but I'm in a rut!

I am wearing... comfy clothes, as always. Working on dressing up more often though.

I am creating... an organized home. Very slowly.

I am going... to donate a lot of stuff sometime soon as a result of decluttering.

I am wondering... if Little Mr. will start pulling up on furniture soon. He looks like he wants to!

I am reading... Conversations with a Barred Owl. Haven't actually started it yet, but it's next in the pile. Still working through reading all the books on my bookshelves.

I am hoping... to visit Starbucks this weekend.

I am looking forward to... Summer!

I am learning.... to keep things simple.

Around the house... things are changing. Baby furniture is being packed away and there are more toys on the floor these days.

I am pondering... how many toys we really need. Little Mr.'s first birthday is coming up soon and I think he'd like nothing but books. ;)

A favorite quote for today... "I walked outside today to find it was just like yesterday, nothing had changed and I loved it just the same." -Unknown. Source

One of my favorite things... is the Chocolove Raspberries 55% chocolate bar.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Well, it's Friday, so there's not much left to the week. Next week I hope to continue organizing the house and switching the decor around for Spring. A new friend is coming over for a visit with her little boy. I'm hoping for a sunny day for a beach visit and hopefully to get together with Little Mr.'s playgroup. He has a snuffly nose so we couldn't make it this week.

A peek into my day... not too much excitement! Just the regular stuff. Friday is my chore free day, which is always nice!


  1. I'm working myself up to a bunch of organizing too... before we moved I was organized through my whole house. It's amazing how quickly that can fall apart.

    I love these posts. :-)

    1. I liked them when I read them on others blogs, so I thought it would be fun to try them out here for a while. They're actually challenging to write because I have to think of something interesting to say that is also what I really am feeling or doing or thinking etc. It's a good writing exercise I guess and it will be fun to look back on them some day as a sort of journal entry.

  2. That is fun to read. Thanks for sharing. I think organization is in the air. Must be spring. I'm actually holding myself back from doing too much organizing. I'm trying to work on one room at a time, when I have the time. Still working on finishing a plan for our bedroom, hopefully I will get more done today.
    A book birthday sounds like a great idea!


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