Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yup! For once there is something for the guys on this blog. :) This actually took place before the Grand Canyon. The Mr. rode in a race car at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with The Richard Petty Driving Experience. It was so cool to be right on the sidelines watching him race past at such a crazy speed. I was expecting at the time or else I think I would have gone for a ride too!

You have to climb through the window. After the driver climbs in, they hand him the steering wheel to install- that's how tight it is!

The Mr. is riding in this car.


Our Taurus SHO itching to be on the track herself.

The road in and out of the speedway goes under the race track!

A much slower car we saw a bit later in the trip. :)


  1. Not sure why but I just love the last picture of the old car. More than the race cars! I like the way you captured the sign behind, super cool!!

  2. COOL! That looks like SO MUCH FUN! :-)

  3. I love thats "whooping". You can definitely tell who is in the car! That would be so fun!

    1. There was a group of guys there that had taken a course so that they could drive the car themselves. It's them that are hollering!

  4. WOW always wanted to see this - looks like fun,
    Have a sunny day,

  5. I have to admit I'm glad I didn't know he was going to do this!That's hard on a Mom's heart. You look happier at the end than he does- he probably wanted to go again!
    Mom J

  6. The road in and out would freak me out a little I think. But that does look like a ton of fun! Love the last picture . . . it speaks to me ;).


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