Monday, February 13, 2012

My Baby Must-Haves: 6-9 Months

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For the 6-9 month range, I'm finding that there are not many new items that are my "must-haves" but there are definitely a few things that I am loving right now so I'm going to go ahead and continue my Baby Must-Haves series. When it becomes obvious that there aren't really any more baby must-haves, maybe at that point I will start something like a "Little Mr.'s Loves" series.

For my Baby Must-Haves for 0-3 Months, click here. For my Baby Must-Haves for 3-6 Months, click here. I am still using a lot of those items.

Wholesome Baby Food is a wonderful resource for feeding solids! Clicking on "solid foods" in the options across the top of the page takes you to age appropriate lists of solids, which I found really helpful.

Sleep Sack- I love using a sleep sack. When we weaned from swaddling, we started with putting a sleep sack on top of the swaddle. Then we moved to one arm out of the swaddle for a week, then two arms out for two weeks and then dropped the swaddle completely. By the time the swaddle blanket was completely dropped, putting the sleep sack on was part of the bedtime routine and I think it really helped to fill the gap that would have been there otherwise. I also love it because it is a wearable blanket and keeps him warm. Any brand works, we have one by Carters and one by Halo.

Baby Mum Mum Rice Rusks- Little Mr. loves these. They are a great tool to carry in the diaper bag. I can give him half of one and it keeps him busy and happy! They are rice, they basically melt in the baby's mouth, and they are gluten free.

Baby Aquaphor- this was a suggestion from my sister in law Grace and I love this stuff. When Little Mr. had teething rashes on his cheeks, this was the only thing that would calm it down. I also use it for dry patches of skin, protecting his chin from drool and on scratches and rashes. A lot goes a long way too.

Take and Toss Lidded Bowls don't leak! At least they haven't leaked for me yet. I always carried Little Mr.'s home made baby food in old baby food jars, but they leaked so I picked up a 7 pack of these as a cheap alternative until I could find something nicer. Well, I'm not looking for other bowls anymore, these are great! I do hand wash them and never microwave them for more than 20 seconds. They are BPA free too!

My last must-have is the sun! If you haven't made use of this amazing and free laundry secret, you must try it! I've been doing this since Little Mr. was a newborn and you wouldn't believe the stains that have disappeared. When an item of clothing comes out of the washing machine stained, I just put the damp item out in direct sunlight for a couple of hours and come back to find the stain gone. Even items that have gone through the dryer can still be treated in the sun, just re-wet the stained area and lay it out in the sun. You'll be amazed!


  1. Sure admire your commitment to really good baby care!!! All my 7 were raised in "baby sacks" for sleep till walking. Glad the sunshine is so valuable!!

  2. Whatever are you doing up at 1:45 am???

  3. I was editing my blog layout pretty late last night, but not that late! The posting times don't show up on my blog posts, but I didn't realize that they show up in other places like in the email or a blog reader etc, so I'll have to be more careful about that in the future lol. If I'm writing a post at 1:45 pm, but want it to post the next day I'll just randomly change the pm to am lol.

  4. Didn't realize the sun would bleach out stains so well. I need to start taking advantage of that. I always add a cup of baking soda to my wash and that goes a long way...but nothing ever takes out the drool stains--now I can't wait for the next sunny stretch : )

  5. Brooke, I have two or three items still come out stained, but it generally does work! One of the things that stained was a shirt that got prunes on it, that's a pretty tough stain.

  6. I used a sleep sack for my girls when they were that age too. Loved it. I finally had to throw out my last take and toss, they are so great. :-)

    1. I will probably be buying more soon. I love how cheap they are. :)


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