Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A February Beach Visit

Recently here in Northwest Washington, it's been raining so hard that a road nearby is sporting a temporary "water over roadway" street sign. That's a lot of rain! So when I saw the beautiful warm light spilling in through the windows this morning, I knew I had to get outside and enjoy it. I decided to go for a walk to the beach, so Little Mr. got bundled up and away we went!

Making faces for the camera. Being a ham as usual.

On our way.

Terrell Creek

Little Mr. peeking out of his cozy ride. The Bumbleride is great for the rocky beach. I vividly remember walking with a friend several years ago as she pushed her baby girl in this stroller, and thinking to myself that it was such an amazing thing to be a mother. And now Little Mr. rides in the very same stroller.

Too busy checking out his unfamiliar surroundings to pay attention to the camera. Which proves I need to spend more days exploring Birch Bay with my little guy!

Also, I need to add baby sized sunglasses to the shopping list! These ones are too small now! (Click those words to see newborn Little Mr. wearing some cool shades...)


Someday I'd like to build a sand castle here. We already have the molds!

Self portrait gone bad. Oh well. Maybe I need one of these ha ha.

All cozy for the ride home!

Walking to the beach is one of my favorite things ever. I love the fresh salty air and the wind. I love the sound of the pebbles falling back towards the ocean with each wave that recedes.

Where is your favorite place to walk?


  1. What a perfect day... it was SO windy for us down here today. Using our own brand of bizarre logic, we decided that the wind was keeping the clouds away, and attempted to enjoy it. Haha.

    My favorite place to walk is through the Sage Steppes and/or Pine Forests. The smell is intoxicating. Although I'm a fan of the salty air too. :-)

    1. I'm keeping a list of places to visit! Thanks for the input!

  2. Thats it... I am coming to visit you!! LOL, can you tell I am a little done with winter!! You started describing the salty air and tears came to my eyes - that is pretty sad eh ;)
    I can see a lot of fun days ahead for you, Oli and those rocks!! Cute!!

    1. Yes, I think we will be able to find enough rocks to throw in the water down there at the bay!

  3. I agree with you re: the beach...right out our door there's a 5k loop and you can see sheep, sheepdogs, a few different breeds of cow, red-tailed hawks and deer and coyote on an especially interesting day. -kdk

    1. That's great! It would make me miss SK a little less.

  4. Love those pictures of him playing in the rocks! What a big boy!
    I love to go for walks by the creek behind our pasture. It's fun to wade with Luke and throw rocks, scare up ducks, and pretend we're on a hunting expidition.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you. Little Mr. needs me to make him a new one, his has gotten a lot of wear!

  6. sure looks like a beautiful walk!! fun self and little mr pic......
    he is so squeezable!! pretty soon he will be a rock thrower. look out!!
    my favorite walk is near the snohomish river, when the flood hasnt washed it
    away, as it occasionally does.


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