Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Regina Bible Conference

I have to admit that I didn't take very many photos at the actual conference. Most of these photos are of the picnic at my parents house the day after. This year the conference was in Winston Knoll Collegiate and it was such a great location! Air conditioning, lots of room to move around, a gym for the kids to play in, a nursery, plenty of bathrooms and it had an amazing kitchen facility.

There were always arms ready to hold The Little One. Here he is snuggled in the arms of Grampa.

A big yawn for Great Grandma, or Nana as I always called her.

Kitten taking good care of The Little One.

There was a great turnout for the Monday picnic at my parents house and the weather was gorgeous.

Jack devouring his hotdog without eating the bun ha ha. He basically peeled back the bun like a banana, ate the meat and then walked around with the "peel" in his hand like it was something gross to throw out.

My dad set up a golf hole and The Mr. and Hosh (Jolly's hubby) looked to Uncle Bruce for tips.

Kitten showing me her "worms". Ew, tent caterpillars!

I thought it was funny that the girls were the ones working and the boys were the ones along for the ride. It was so cute! These girls pushed and pulled the boys all over the yard, sometimes going so fast it was worrisome! This is our childhood wagon that dad recently spiffed up with a new paint job and new wheels.

My parents have worked hard, and it shows because the yard is so beautiful! Good job you guys.

You can see the flooded lake from their yard. This end of the lake is usually marshland and a natural habitat for birds and animals in the area, but the last two years it has been flooded and I do wonder if it will ever recede! There is so much water in Saskatchewan right now, it is incredible.

Hosh practicing his swing.

The Contest

My dad is officially retired from farming, and while we were there a grain bin moving company came. They were removing the bins and delivering them to their new owners. It was very interesting to watch. They back up to the bin, move the cradle up into place, tie a strap around the base of the bin and then bring the cradle back down towards the ground until the bin falls into it. Then they secure the bin with more straps and off they go.

This granny is one hard worker, she ran straps around the bin, yelled instructions and helped the whole process to go so smoothly. We were so surprised to see an older couple like this running such a crazy operation- those bins are enormous!

Mom's roses were all in full bloom.

A pretty little rooster.

Dad took me for a drive in the valley on his Gator. It's quite the off-road vehicle and I was surprised at it's power.

The Spring. Can you see the water coming out of the pipe?

The Little One loved cuddling with Gramma.

Kitten trying out the Gator.

The Moon!


  1. What a beautiful place! So great to be in your childhood spot for a bit. Looks you had a very nice time :)

  2. Gorgeous shot of the moon! Also, it looks like Kitten is towing the wagon with the Gator. She got sick of all that pushing and pulling the boys around, I guess : )

  3. That's true Brooke, I never noticed that!

  4. Such a beautiful place! Your parents property is amazing. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  5. Hey, great pictures! I think that "lake" is actually usually just the little river that normally looks like a snake from above. I didn't realize it was still flooded! I didn't get a chance to go out there and look that day. Crazy!

  6. Wow! O. is changing so much! Love his fuzzy little head and the big grin at the end of the last post. :) That is an amazing shot of the moon!


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