Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our 1st Boat Ride as Three!

We were out on the water by 9:00 am, having a Little One works well as an alarm clock! Packing up the boat and getting on the water that early makes for a nice long day.

It was a very clear day. If you look closely in this photo (left side, and to the right of center), you can see two downtowns. Vancouver and North Vancouver maybe? Maybe someone who knows the area more could tell me.

Calm waters!

The Little one taking a nap in the bouncy seat. Thanks to Sallad and Grace for that amazing idea. The bouncy seat gently rocks the baby the whole time and it is a great comfy spot for them to sit or nap.

After a diaper change.

His adorable little life vest.

Eating our lunch on Jones Island.

Lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and Italian dressing.

The small dock at Jones Island is hard to find a spot at, but after we had secured a state park buoy, tied up, blew up our raft and started assembling the paddles, a boat left and no one else was in line for the spot- so rare! So we untied and grabbed the spot before someone else came along. It was so nice to have a spot on the dock.

Then Sallad and Grace came along in their boat to join us. Here is Little A, all ready to come see us. They rafted to our boat, so they had dock access as well. It was really cool to be able to meet up with them at the island because it had been too long since we had done something like this. They brought Lily and her family with them as well, which was so much fun!

Bri climbing over the huge fallen tree across the path to our picnic spot.

The Little One

Looking out towards Yellow Island. Yellow Island is located directly behind the sailboat in this photo and is known for it's wildflowers in Spring. Jones island is about 190 acres, fairly small, but not as small as Yellow Island, which is 11 acres.

Look how clear and beautiful the water was!

Lily's youngest, Chiquita, has hair the color of Madrone bark.

The crew, minus The Mr., Lily and myself.

Looking straight up, the wavy looking clouds almost gave you the feeling like you were looking down towards water.

Chiquita was such a bright splash of color amongst all the greys and browns of this dry corner of the island where several (rare to this area and therefore protected) colonies of prickly pear cactus can be found.

Several Harvest Lilies were spotted along our walk.

Black tailed deer live on this island and they are very accustomed to being close to humans.

I love the green carpet of Salal bushes.

Getting ready to head out for dinner. I'd like to see the shot Steve is taking in this photo from Sallad and Grace's boat. :)

We decided on Friday Harbor, and took off for dinner.

I rocked The Little One to sleep and propped him up in the umbrella stroller. Thankfully he slept through dinner! The paci really helps when we are in public.

We ate at Haley's Bait Shop, a favorite of mine.

And of course dessert was found at the Friday Harbor Ice Cream Co. where you can choose from 72 flavors! They even have several dairy free flavors of sorbet, which was an awesome surprise for a couple of us who can't eat dairy!

MMM! Chiquita and I both had this mixed berry sorbet, and it was really yummy.

Thanks for such a fun day guys! I am so glad we got together.


  1. Aw, such great photos of a fun day! I love your little guy's life vest, very stylin! :)

  2. Awww! the little one is changing soo much! I think i said the same thing last time... :) he is too cute with his big wide grin. We'll have to come see him soon.

  3. Great photos! I love Little One's sweet head in one of the first boat photos - the pic of your husband driving. So cute to know there's a little sweetie just chilling in the bouncy chair!

    And I heart pacis. They just make life easier.

  4. Your pictures are great!

    I love Little One's sweet head in one of the first boat pictures. Just off to the side a bit so you know the little sweetie is all cozy in his chair.

    And I heart pacis - they just make life easier.

  5. Oh how fun! Doesn't it add just a little extra specialness to do the same things, but now as a family of 3? He's a darling!


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