Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stanley Park

Recently we took a little trip to Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC. It was such a clear blue day and the pretty weather just called for spending time outdoors! It was The Little One's first visit to the park and it was fun to push the stroller around on the paths while The Mr. rollerbladed around the entire park on the seawall.

The Little One napping- this is something we are very thankful for! :)

We decided to eat dinner at the restaurant at Prospect Point. We were the only customer's at Stanley's and it was such a relaxing evening.

The view from where we were seated.

The Mr. ordered chicken strips and I ordered a salad- the food was really good.

One of The Mr.'s chicken strips looked like a fish and we thought it was funny. :)

Father and Son

Blue Heron

"Girl in Wetsuit" somehow became "Girl in Canucks Jersey" so she could join the locals cheering on the Canucks as they try and win the Stanley cup!


  1. That is exactly the face I picture on Thad when he interacts with The Little One! SOO Thad!

  2. I have got to show the Spouse the Canuck's jersey!


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