Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Adventure Full of... Weather!

The Mr. and I made it out to my hometown a couple of weeks ago. We took a day and a half to drive there and these are the photos to document that drive. We were met with a crazy mix of weather but overall it was a fun drive. We could have done without the nasty stuff though! Keep scrolling down and you'll see what I mean.

Bright blue skies and a huge smooth, sliding mountain. Look at the tiny trees at the center of this photo in order for size comparison.

When we pulled into Revelstoke, there was a race for rooms. If you did see a vacancy sign, it probably meant that they either hadn't changed it to "no vacancy" yet, they had 1 smoking room left or they only had one suite left. Thankfully we made a mad dash around town and eventually found a room at the Canyon Motor Inn. Clean, cheap and quiet, definitely dated, but I would stay there again.

Our view in the A.M.

How to do gluten-free breakfasts on the go? While the Mr. ordered his Mc. Breakfast, I ordered an empty water cup, a carton of milk and a spoon and added my own gluten-free cereal from home - very handy.

The day wasn't as clear as the day before, but I think wildfire smoke might have had something to do with that.

A massive bridge. It's breathtaking when you look back and see how tall it is. I wish I would have snapped a photo. Go here and compare the size of the bridge to the train in the bottom right corner of the photo.

The rock they had to chop straight through in order to build the highway.

Canola in bloom. We passed through Alberta, which I don't think I got any photos of, and then entered Saskatchewan.

Driving into a nasty storm.

This turquoise color reminds me of tornadoes for some reason. This is where I started getting nervous!

Rain so hard we had the wipers on as high as they can go, these raindrops were probably the biggest I've ever seen.

Then it cleared up for a while. :)

Then, just as we were pulling over for some gas at a scary little squeaky-sign-swinging-in-the-wind type of place, the storm came up again and it was SO windy. Check out the motel in this photo, signs reading "Prairie Pride," "Have a Nice Day" and "Vacancy" don't make me feel any safer even standing in the parking lot, let along staying over night there! I guess there was even an "Open" sign, but I missed that in this shot.

Weird cloud formations.

Dust storm.

Even weirder cloud formation. This is when I really, really wanted to get out of there. I did not want to see anything touch ground!

Rain even harder than before. People were pulled over at the side of the road.

Playing with the macro on the passenger window.

Hail! During this stretch of highway, there were areas where several cars were pulled over. If they were driving when the bulk of the hail had come down, it must have been pretty scary. Hail in this area has actually been known to dent the body of your car, sometimes totalling it. Later we heard stories of broken out windshields and siding ripped off of homes and were thankful that we didn't see hail bad enough to do that kind of damage.

A stormy day makes for a great sunset! I shot this out the tinted back window of the truck.

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  1. I've done that trip once. :-) And, I've been to Calgary once. Both times I remember just being blown away by how amazingly beautiful Canada is. I can't wait to explore it some more. I'm glad you guys avoided damage in that weather!! How scary!


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