Friday, July 30, 2010

Kirkland Young People's Weekend

The Kirkland Young People's weekend was in May over Memorial Day and you can see tons of fun photos in the Facebook albums of some who attended, but here are a few candid shots I took. I really didn't catch many photos of the Young People, so that's why I directed you to Facebook. My pictures are just random snapshots taken here and there. The weekend was comprised of tons of fellowship and Mr. A. gave a few very helpful talks on the subject of principles we should be putting into practice in order for profitable Bible study to take place. There were games (board games, four square, relay races, tug of war etc.) and tons of yummy food prepared with love by the local ladies. The weekend was very well planned and carried-out, it looked like everyone was having fun and that it was a very profitable time. There was a great group of kids and locals!

I had my crochet along and since this little one already knew how to chain, I taught her how to single crochet. She caught on fast and it was great fun to watch her excitement in building something.

One evening, a Luau was planned but there was no way to open the coconuts. One of the guys just happened to have some sort of saw with him and where there's a will there's a way. Scary! Do not try this at home.

Everyone dressed up for the evening and the cafeteria was laden with decorations.

Table decor.

Even A&J's little one dressed up for the occasion!

Everyone received an "aloha" and a lei as they walked through the door.

Yes, there were tiki torches.

Even Bri's dolly wore a lei!

Pink Flamingos decorated the front doorway.

A plastic palm tree made for an interesting photo.

Bri and her cousin J2, who she adores!


  1. This is the first photo I've seen of A&J's little guy. Cute is an understatement...

  2. What happened to the 50th anniversary post?

  3. Hi there!
    Just wanted to let you know you are our lucky winner from The Vintage Pearl giveaway over at My Favorite Things. Please email me soon!

  4. ioi- just a glitch on my part! It accidentally got posted before it was supposed to be. :) It should be up this week.

  5. Great photos, pretty much captures the weekend perfectly!


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