Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Loopty Loop

Here are a few of my most recent completed crochet projects. I love working with yarn and a hook and looping along while life moves on around me. Especially with a steaming Starbucks 1/2 sweet Toffee Nut latté on the table beside me. I've got a little bit of an addiction to those things, if you can call a once a week indulgence an addiction. Anyways, below you will find photos of some hats I made for a Facebook giveaway called Stuff Made by Me For You For Free. There are also some baby blanket and hat combinations for some cute babies, given to them at their showers or soon after their births. Unfortunately I only have a photo of one of them in action, the rest you might find boring, unless you are a crocheter yourself! Well, here we go... I hope you are inspired to do some crafting of your own, whether it's with yarn, paper, fabric etc.

For Dee.

For Social, and a similar one was sent to R.J. in NY.

The start of a blanket for Sallad and Grace's little baby boy. I am often drawn to the same colors each day. When I am working on a project, I will look down and find that I am wearing the same colors, or that, like the photo above shows, my coffee mug matches perfectly. Once I was in Starbucks crocheting green yarn with a pink hook while wearing a green and pink check scarf. It's a little crazy sometimes.

For Ruth, Drooler's new little baby sister.

Ruth's hat. The pink is removable and you could add any color you want. Like those watches with interchangeable colors around the face.

For Bri's dolly. This is 4" big.

Completed blanket for Bri's little brother who doesn't have a blog name of his own yet. I want to call him The Duckling though, since I was just talking with Grace on the phone and he sounded like an adorable little duckling squawking at it's mother! I've got to find something shorter and more attractive though. :)

Moss stitch.

Matching ear-flap beanie.

My Real Baby modeling for you. Her name is Tanya. When she models hats on my blog, people say she is creepy. :) So buy me a styrofoam head or something! I doubt you will be able to find one in baby size though.

All wrapped up and ready to go with a handmade card I made way back when.

Blanket, hat and booties combo for my little nephew! Look at that perfect smile. :) His momma sent this photo to be via email with permission to blog it. I finally got around to it, although this little guy is bigger now.


  1. Absolutely adorable and I wish I looked half as cute as you in those hats :(

  2. Very cool, and I'm loving that moss stitch! You'll have to teach it to me when I'm there. I just washed Jack's blanket for the first time (spit up) and it came out UNBELIEVABLY softer and floppy and awesome. I'm in love with it even more now!

  3. Beautiful! Where do you find your patterns? I would like to try a couple of those projects. I'm wrapped up (almost literally) in a knitted afghan project and want to work on something a little smaller next! You do such lovely work and it's so even and uniform!

  4. You do beautiful work! I am completely envious of anybody that can crochet or knit! :)

  5. Ahh, those all look so cozy. You don't waste a minute of down time with nothing to do!Love the colors of Bri's little brothers' blanket! And his beanie's too cute.

  6. Beautiful work!!! I would love to learn how to do that, but quite frankly, watching someone do it makes me feel crazy--I'm so puzzled by how knitters/crocheters keep their steps straight!! Haha! Someday, I am determined to learn. Meanwhile, I shall be VERY impressed by your talent.

  7. Your work is beautiful. I love the hats.

  8. Hey, if you didn't see this yet, my sis posted pics and one of my crochet hats and stripey moss stitch blankets showed up in them! Just wanted to add that to the "list."


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