Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coronado Beach

Just in case you've forgotten, I live in the Pacific Northwest and I am posting about a two week trip The Mr. and I took to California over a month ago. You would think that I would be back posting about how things here in WA are starting to bloom, and how itchy we are to get out on the boat again, and how Petra is doing and even share pictures of when my youngest sister Social was here for 5 days. Nope, I'm still working on getting all these beautiful shots of California on the blog! If it is cold and rainy or icy and snowy where you are right now, you can thank me for being so tardy. You get to look at some beautiful weather shots today!

Leaving Indio, CA.

Nice cell phone tower. We saw several different palm tree styles and they also have the evergreen style, which looks like a cross between a sickly evergreen tree and a plastic Christmas tree from the 50's. In Oregon I saw one outside of a church and it was a massive cross.

The Coronado Bridge is really cool because it's massive, has an amazing view and it curves. The bridge is 200 feet tall at it's highest point so that the huge ships from the nearby naval station can go under it.

We ate lunch with Sallad, Grace and Bri at Bread Garden. I took gluten-free food in my purse and they didn't seem to mind. I always feel silly, but I really didn't feel safe ordering food from a place with bread in it's name and crumbs everywhere!

Coronado is a beautiful place to walk with amazing homes. The architecture and landscaping is wonderful!

These were huge!

In front of the Hotel Coronado, basically right on the beach, there was a skating rink. A very crowded, very sloppy looking one. In one of the corners there was actually a huge puddle at least an inch deep, well it looked at least an inch deep when I watched a kid tumble into it and splash someone that was cruising by! I guess even though it is 70 degrees outside, Californians need their Christmas to be wintery too!

Cake LOVED the ocean. When The Mr. and I got there, Cake and her family had already made themselves at home on the beach. Both kids were soaked from the waves and wanted more.

We walked around together and splashed in the warm puddles.

She was seriously excited and would pull me towards the water.

I love the feeling you get when a child smiles and runs towards you. Unfortunately the look on Cake's face in this photo is more of terror, but I just caught her at a bad time lol.

A family photo. Chasm, Dee, Droo, Cake and little bean who in this photo, has yet to make her appearance. This mama's so tiny that her entire baby belly is hidden behind a child in this photo.

Sallad and Grace head out to the water while Bri catches a nap in the stroller.

The sand had a layer of shiny gold flakes on it and they sparkled so bright, it was beautiful!

Cake chasing her daddy. I love watching toddlers run.

A massive three masted tall ship on the horizon.

I just love when the sun is caught shining through a wave. See it in the center wave to the right?
A holey, rough looking rock that reminded me of coral.

Sand dollar.

I urge you!


A blimp, it came a lot closer but my camera was put away.

Sallad, Grace and Bri. Sorry for taking this shot while you were looking into the sun.

Sun through the waves.

I know there is a lot going on in this photo, but check out the paper skirt on that mannequin!

Blue glass and shells were embedded into the cement sidewalk.

Palm trees make for great sunset shots.


  1. I love the pictures of Cali. I'll have to make a trip down San Diego way soon.

  2. You got some beautiful shots! thanks for sharing your trip with us - looks like you had a very happy time.

  3. In the family picture Cake looks EXACTLY like her dad's baby pictures!!

  4. Hi!! I found you from Blogger help. Seems we have the same layout problem. Mines all messy in IE too. I think I'll give up.

    Seeing those pictures from Coronado ahhhh.. So pretty. I used to live there seems like a lifetime ago.

    Anyway love your layout!

  5. Beautiful pictures! new visitor & follwer here! ;) We hope to see San Diego in the next couple years! Your pics ...even the coffee shops make me want to go now! lol!
    Just Jenn~


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