Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The Mr. and I went to California for a week and a half, and although we've been back for eight days, it seems like just a few. Our vacation was a wonderful time and I plan to blog all about it! We went to lots of different places and did all sorts of fun things. We're glad to be back at home and I think Petra is glad to have us back. Right now I am stuck halfway between excitement to start posting again, and finding the effort to edit and sort hundreds of photos into posts. I'm not dreading it, but I still find myself procrastinating! In order to slowly introduce myself back into blogging, here are some snapshots taken in my home today. Some snapshots of the little moments I don't want to forget. Today was a cozy day filled with little voices chattering (I babysat), comfort food simmering, white light streaming in the windows and lots of books being read.

Grilled ham and cheese on gluten-free bread.

Over the weekend Mom J shared some roses with us from a birthday bouquet she recieved last week and they smell delicious!


  1. That grilled ham and cheese looks as delicious as can be!

  2. That first picture of little S (? I think? ) is absolutely portrait perfect!!!

  3. Brooke- it was. :)
    Holly- you can't even tell I used Picasa to edit out the snot from his cold lol. He is such a cute little guy and so fun to babysit!

  4. Brooke is right-that sandwhich looks wonderful! Never tried using Picassa, how do you like it compared to elements? Pretty roses-they certainly would brighten a room on a winter day.

  5. Amy- I love picasa because it is free, it automatically organizes all my photos for me, when I edit and save, it keeps a backup original copy somewhere etc. It's just great. The retouch feature is great for snot and food in peoples teeth. I even remove bug splats from the windshield when I take photos from the car.

  6. Love the picture of SR...he's such a CUTE baby! That's nice you're able to help "Bashful" out! :)


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