Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two Become One

On August 15th, my nephew Bruce and his fiancée Julie were married. It was a perfect day for a wedding weather-wise as it was sunny with a breeze that kept the temperature perfect the whole time. The wedding was held in Julie's parent's yard which was so beautiful for a wedding. I love weeping willows and huge trees!

Swirls of rose petals down the aisle.

Walking two of the grandmas to their chairs.

The groom and his parents.

The ring bearer opening the car door for the flower girl. He then walked around to his side, climbed in and parked it to the side before taking his place with the groomsmen.

Here comes the bride with her father.

Congratulations Bruce and Julie!

It was even a hybrid.

After the new husband and wife walked down the aisle, they came back to the front and there was immediately a receiving line as they greeted and thanked each person leaving their seat for coming. I thought it was a neat way to make sure that they were able to talk to everyone before they got scattered throughout the yard.

The J family picture. Unfortunately missing quite a few members! (We missed you!)

All the amazing looking food was served out of this barn. They had ribs! And salads! And an entire table full of fruit that was arranged so beautifully it was three feet tall!

Each table had an enormous vase full of garden flowers and decorative greens and the head table had these beautiful calla lily and dahlia filled globes.

What a cute idea for wedding favors, satin bags full of different types of candy.




Phone Guy and Phi playing on the trampoline.

Custom M&M's

Open mic time! The best man.

Their beautiful home made wedding cake, made by M. Sutherland.

The traditional smeared-in-your-face cake cutting photo.

Congratulations you two!!!

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