Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beautiful Babies

When we got back from camping and unpacked, the house was in shambles! Sleeping bags were laid out all over the place, boxes and bags were overflowing here and there. There was so much work to do, but fortunately I got out of it! I spent the rest of my time in Regina shopping, eating and kissing babies.

Oh how I wish we had a NYF near us here in WA! Their fries are so yummy.

Anna's daughter Kait and Kit sweetly posing for the camera.

Kit with some gorgeous eyes. I love it when a photo has catchlight.

Anna's mom with her grandson Hudson and my mommy. I didn't get a clear shot of Ethan or Emily, but they are in the background of this shot. It's pretty hard to get little boys to stay still for the camera!

Jolly and I.

A bit too fuzzy of a photo because the flash didn't go off, but look at how perfectly chubby Hudson is! I just loved him.

Anna and I used to be childhood friends and I have so many fun memories of spending time with her. Too bad we live so far away from each other now.

On the Monday night before I left my parents and all four of their kids got together and went for supper at Luiggi's Pasta House. If The Mr. would have been present, it would have been the entire family. It was so nice to have everyone together for the meal, and extra special because it was the first time I got to meet my brand new nephew! I quickly found out that he is a miniature of his daddy and that both of his parents love him very much and take excellent care of him. He slept through the entire meal, which was nice for his mommy and daddy because they got to relax and eat their dinner in peace. The end of the meal came and I hadn't even had the opportunity to hold the little guy yet but thankfully he started to stir and I got to hold him. He is SO sweet!

My first cuddle with MiniB. This was just seconds after he was passed to me and he hadn't settled down yet. He was such a squirmy little guy!

We hopped into our cars to go over to MiniB's place so I could hold him longer.

Kit will be a great older sister when her little brother comes along!

What a cute unknowingly color coordinated family.

Hosh, Jolly and Kit.

Social and I. She was an unwilling participant in the photo shoot and proved it with this wild look.


  1. Ahhh such precious babies - all of them!! I like your hair - almost didn't recognize you!!

  2. WOW, Kit is gorgeous! The pic of her posing with Anna's daughter is deadly. Fast-forward about 15 yrs and that pose will slay some poor boy! (I notice she is playing with the "bad-guys" again.)

  3. So, Kit will have a baby brother? Wow - MiniB does look like your brother!

  4. Hudson is such a little porker, I love it!! I thought MiniB was betting big! I love all the pictures, especially ones of MiniB, but I am I am a little bias :) My favorite is with him in the car seat making that funny face! He is just so cute, like his daddy!
    I am SOOOOO glad you got go come down!!! You and The Mr. should come for a visit soon!! Miss you already!


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