Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After touring the Stuart Island School "campus" we hiked back down to the boat and set off towards Roche Harbor on San Juan Island. We have been to Roche Harbor many times by car and by boat and I hope to go back many more times. It is a fun place to go for dinner, pick up some groceries or just spend some time relaxing. The Harbor has a fun atmosphere and each night in the summer months they have a color ceremony where they fold the flags and after everything is done, the flag folding staff jump off the pier into the cold water with whoever from the crowd volunteered to be their helper or anyone who happens to have a birthday or anyone who just wants to join in. It's a neat tradition and fun to watch!

Bald eagles in flight. I took this sitting in the back of the boat in the sun. It turns out the harbor is also a good place to watch eagles.

This is the guest dock at Roche Harbor. Our afternoon involved coffee, a tiny bit of grocery shopping, donuts for The Mr. and being lazy. I actually laid out on the boats lounge chair and had a nice nap. Isn't that what you are supposed to do when you are on vacation?

The largest barnacle I have ever seen was attached to our guest slip. It was about three inches at the base. I eventually plan to post a video of all the little shots I got throughout the weekend and I got a neat movie of this guy fanning the water for food. Click on this photo and look at his feathery fingers, what amazing creatures God has made!

Pink and blue is such a pretty color combination.

Amazing Crown Imperials. I had never seen anything like these before, and had no clue what they were until my neighbor lent me a book on bulbs. Aren't they stunning?

Some sort of fern?

The view from our table at McMillin's Dining Room, where we belatedly celebrated our 7th anniversary which was April 6th.

This was the plate that both The Mr. and I ordered. Mashed red potatoes topped with steak and a skewer of 4 intertwined prawns both hot off the grill with a side of vegetables. This was so good my taste buds wont settle down right now as I am typing this. It was so much food that I left about 2 oz of the steak on the plate.

We both had a tiny pot of crème brûlée for dessert, it's so good!

Okay guys, this is for you if you have made it this far after all the flowers and swooning over food. The Mr. thought this was a neat boat because it was a fishing boat that looked more like something the police or coast guard would be driving. It was pretty cool.

On our way "home" to Stuart Island, we drove past Speiden Island but I didn't get any clear shots as you can't get that close, it was dusk and we were zooming by. Above is a mother nursing her kid.

Not the most beautiful clear photos to end this post on, but neat nonetheless! :)

Come back soon for day 3!


  1. What a great barnacle picture. And now cold cereal just doesn't seem to be a good breakfast after looking at your delicious anniversary dinner : ) Good job on the relaxing!

  2. These posts of your vacation have been SO cool... gorgeous photos, and I love the all the fun information you've included too... I'd love to haul my fam up to the San Juan's for vacation some year. Just beautiful...

  3. The white Hotel looks really neat. Would love to check out some of these areas. Happy belated anniversary-7 years already! What a way to celebrate!

  4. Very cool shot of the barnacle! And I love the blossoms over the pathway too, that would make a great card front. That steak looks too delicious, congrats on 7 years!

  5. Still swooning over the food...looks like a fabulous trip. Happy Anniversary!

  6. gourmet girl- I wondered what you would think about the food! If you see little brown crunchy things in the photo, it was actually minced garlic. It was so brown and crispy that at first I thought it was bacon bits or breading, they must fry it in oil. I've never had it that way anywhere before, but it was SO good.

    Thanks for all the comments and anniversary wishes everyone!


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