Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Monday and Petra Smells Good

It's Monday and it's been quite a day. My biggest accomplishment for the day was giving Petra a bath as she was overdue. Boxers only need bathing once a month but it had been at least a month and a half... she was getting a little stinky. I've always been impressed that she never has that wet dog smell, unfortunately that does not mean she never smells! Here is a little video of her after her bath. I wish you could smell her, she smells so good when she is clean. After her bath she always tries to find "the other puppy" in the mirror and gets all sad and anxious because she can't go play. The second part of the video is just Petra being silly while chewing on her rawhide bone.

At one point, you can hear that her breathing is all funny because she licked a bunch of soap during her bath and her mouth and nose got all frothy. It sounded pretty funny! No matter how much I rinsed, she still sounded like that but it eventually went away.

In the video, it looks like she is scratching up the bathroom real good, but she actually steps pretty lightly and I haven't seen any scratches yet. I bathe her in the tub and yes, she shakes herself and water sprays all over no matter how well I dry her. I would like to assure you that the entire bathroom gets a thorough cleaning when she is done in there! :)


  1. Petra is very cute! Is she still a puppy? My girls would love a pet, but they want a cat and I am NOT a cat person. I would love a dog, but Harry doesn't want any pets :(
    Petra looks like the kind of dog that would really enjoy a ball or stick being thrown. Does she like to play in the bay or on the beach?
    BTW, I tried the film editing on my computer, but each time I tried to upload the clips, the program shuts down on me. I am not sure what to do other than yell at it :) It has been testing my patience! Anyway, great clips of Petra!

  2. Cute!!! Maybe someday they'll come up with "clean dog scent" spray...for dogs, of course!

  3. Amy- she is 9 mo. and I am not sure when they officially stop being puppies, maybe in another year?! Petra's dad was a couple of years old and still acting like a puppy! Dogs are a lot of work! A LOT!

    As for the video editing, I haven't had problems at all using the video editing software that comes free with windows.

  4. I have to bathe Lucy more than once a month because she likes cow patties a little too much! If you guys lived closer Petra & Lucy could play!


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