Friday, December 5, 2008

Swimming and a Goodbye

Each night we went swimming at the resort. It was fun to see how much Drooler and Baby Cake liked the water. Cake would kick and kick with a smile of glee on her face, it was so cute! I know I titled this post "swimming and a goodbye" but I think it should have been titled "Look How Cute Baby Cake is" because this post has a high percentage of her photos. :)

Look at this adorable swim suit from a long long time ago. It's probably an antique! It was too cute for words. She looks like a little tennis player with those shoes on.

All warm and dry after a fun swim.

Drooler loves to "swim" with his dad and I just love the look on his face in this photo. He would jump back and forth from his dad to The Mr. and didn't seem to be afraid of the water at all.

Sleeping soundly.

Time to go home! We had to say goodbye to Port Townsend.


Port Townsend

Pulling up to the tiny ferry landing in Keystone. It all seemed much larger when we were coming across in the dark on our way to the resort!

To Drooler's family- we cannot thank you enough for sharing your vacation with us. We had so much fun!


  1. You're welcome =) We totally enjoyed having you along, we'll have to do it again sometime!


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