Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oregon and a New Toy

A few weeks ago The Mr. and I drove to Phone Guy and Princess' house for a little visit. It was a nice drive as we got to see all the fall colors along the freeway. We all went out for dinner at Claim Jumper, I had never been there before and it was pretty good food. They have a six layer chocolate cake and a slice is big enough to feed an entire family, it's quite crazy. We didn't try it out because our meals came with bite sized desserts of their own. I had a green tea creme bruleé that was really yummy.

Mommy Time

Our new toy. We bought it just a few minutes away from their house. It's a Glastron GS 219. A sport cruiser boat with a cuddy cabin.

Parking the boat for the first time could have been a huge challenge as it included two 90 degree turns, but The Mr. got it right the first time. Some random guy driving by while talking on his cell phone even took the moment to stop, pause his phone conversation and praise the park job. It was pretty funny.

Curious little boys love all the buttons!

After watching Uncle Mr. back the boat up, Phi pushed his little power wheels truck right up to the hitch. It was too cute. It's amazing what little minds absorb.

Phi "hugging" Lee the next morning. I asked him to hug his brother and he just leaned in, it was cute.

Beautiful fall colors on our way to our next stop, Sallad and Grace's home.

At Sallad and Grace's.

The boat has seating for 6 but is rated for 8 adults. I guess technically all 8 adults could sit at once because in the cabin there is room for at least 4 to sit comfortably. BUT- if you are like me, you can't spend too much time in there while the boat is moving, or you feel a tad queasy! What you see on the left hand side of this photo is the little pump sink, which is beside a 1 burner butane stove and an ice box which will be handy for overnight trips.

The cabin has a porta-potty, storage and removable bow cushions for either a sitting area or a bed. We can't wait to do an overnight trip in the San Juans somewhere!


  1. Oh honey, I am definately sensing a "girls weekend" trip to the San Juans! Kim - help me out here!! Ü

  2. Wow, looks like fun... we've been eyeing those toys too... can't wait to have one! Looking forward to seeing pics from all the neat places you visit in that thing... Most pics are from the land looking out, now you can do pics from the water looking in! :-)

  3. wow! Very exciting!!! Looks like a VERY nice boat. I know you'll have tons of fun with it. :)
    The pic of Phi & Lee are so cute. Miss Kate kept offering Phi her granola bar...wich is pretty special coming from her. ;)

  4. Good grief - that boat is about as tall as E&S's house! You guys will have lots of good memories with your new toy! Boating is so much fun. :) I love how Phi has his car backed up to the hitch - smart kid! :)

  5. Sweet yacht. What will you name it?

  6. Thanks for all the comments. :)

    Jenn- it's a great way to see what's in the gutters!

    Kelly- We have a name picked out but haven't yet made it official. I will say this, it will most likely include a pun of some sort.

  7. That was so fun to have you guys stop through with your new toy! Can't wait to come try it out with you some time!!! You got some cute pix of the boys, I can never get them sitting together with both looking normal.

  8. Hey! I'm REALLY behind on blog reading...but YAY for the boat! Looks like lots of fun!


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