Friday, November 7, 2008

Garry Point

The City of Richmond is a place where the hustle and bustle of the world is quite apparent. Cars speed around barely following traffic laws, people walk down the sidewalks in a hurry, buses come and go frequently, bicycles claim their ownership of your driving lane, the parking lots are full, buildings are going up and older homes are being torn down to make room for condos and townhouses.

But hidden amongst all this busyness, you can find places that are quiet, serene and relaxing. There are a lot of out of the way corners of Richmond that are a lot of fun to visit. Garry Point is now my favorite Richmond destination, and here's why.

You can sit for as long as you like and watch the huge ships come through. This park is right alongside the shipping lane. This particular one was massive. It made you feel like an ant as it went by. Boats of this size are led by a guide in a smaller boat as they go through this passage.

In the center of this photo is Mt. Baker. It's far far away from where we were, but looked magnificent with its snow topped peaks. You can barely even see it in this photo, but when you are there it looks huge.

A tug boat with a double load which looked like grain. Or gravel. I was pretty far away!


Along the walking path there are many benches. Each one is a memorial and this one had been visited by a loved one who left a rose.

The Mr. and I

I didn't realize this was a shot of my nostrils, but it's here already so I'll leave it for your viewing pleasure. :)

The mountains on the other side of Vancouver.

Yes please!


  1. Wow, neat pics. I love the boat one that is between the 2 flowere one. It looks so cool. Looks like it is very relaxing there. thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Wow looks like a neat park, and yes very relaxing. Love all the driftwood.

  3. Steve and I have many memories at Garry Point from our pre-marital days when I came up to Richmond. Also when we used to live within walking distance from it near the dyke there. It's a very neat spot where river meets ocean, and good for both romantic walks/sits on the beach and for kids too. We miss it there. :-(


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