Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Discovery Bay

Drooler's parents invited us to go on a little trip with them recently. We left on the 16th and got back on the 19th- 3 nights away from home is so much fun and such a treat! Since they have a van, all 6 of us were able to travel together in one vehicle which was nice. We planned to take one of the two last ferries from Keystone to Port Townsend on Lord's day evening and things seemed to be going smoothly. After stopping in Burlington for supper at Jack in the Box, we headed out to what seemed to be the middle of the country. When we finally had made enough twists and turns to arrive at our destination, we saw the ferry full of cars and a lot of cars in the line up, which made us very nervous. Who would have guessed the ferry would be busy so late at night! We rushed into line to thankfully find out that we had made it onto the ferry. What we were even more thankful for was that we had not decided to take our time and wait for the later ferry that evening- as it was canceled due to the tide! The ferry is actually so small that they have tide cancellations when the current is too strong. Had we waited any longer to get to the ferry terminal, we would have given ourselves 4 more hours of driving time because we would have had to go around the long way via land. Yikes!

This was Drooler and Baby Cakes first boat ride.

All bundled up.

Port Townsend lights as seen from the ferry.

Arriving at Port Townsend.

Drooler was sound asleep when we arrived at our destination. We stayed at the WorldMark Discovery Bay resort. It was so nice! Everything we needed to feel comfortable and right at home was provided. The resort is right on the water and the air is so crisp and clean. One of my favorite parts of staying at a resort is the hot tub. I love how relaxing it is, especially when you are looking forward to a good nights sleep soon to come.

This is Cake the next morning. I wish I looked this chipper in the morning!

This was the view out our patio. Isn't it gorgeous! The clouds were low on the water in the morning and slowly rose as the day grew warmer.

Breakfast time!

In our fridge L to R: Rice milk, lowfat milk, almond milk, raw milk. Pick one!

Drooler's stylin' and ready for his cereal.

I see blue!


  1. Sounds like you are taking full advantage of your new boat! Pictures are great! I love Port Townsend, sniff, sniff, makes me a bit sentimental!

  2. That looks like fun, Chatty! I've wanted to go to Pt Townsend for a long time. Nice place on the water there!

    Sorry you couldn't join us last night! Hope you had a not-too-lonely Thanksgiving. :(

  3. Sweet M- The boat has been so much fun! We took the ferry this time, but some day we want to take the boat and dock near Fort Warden. We spent some time there exploring, but could definitely have spent more time there. It is so fun learning of all the places where you can dock the boat and see the sites or hike.

    Lily- Thanks! My Thanksgiving wasn't too lonely as it didn't really feel like Thanksgiving to me! Thank you so much for sharing your Thanksgiving with me back in October, it really means a lot to me to be included as I miss Canadian Thanksgiving with my family.


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