Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm just wondering why dogs love sticking their heads out of fast moving vehicles. Petra loves it and I think it's hilarious to watch.

She bites the air and can't keep her eyelids in the right spot ha ha.

Excuse the self portrait, I just wanted to show you her wonky ears. They aren't like this quite as much these days so I wanted to capture it. Once her teething is over they are supposed to fall back to the sides of her face but I think they are kinda cute for the moment.

She's so big now, but still as much of a lap dog as ever. I have no clue why The Mr. is carrying her across the street?

And if you are in the movie watching mood, below is a great one of a Boxer. Thankfully Petra doesn't bark (so far) and she jumps like this without the need for a trampoline. She is bouncy enough without it!


  1. The ears are awesome! That's a great pic of both of you! She is so cute!

  2. Miss Kate absolutely loved the video of the boxer on the trampoline!!! :) She got all excited and began "woof-woofing" back at it and giggling. :)
    Thanks for the entertainment. :)


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