Monday, October 20, 2008

Quarry Gardens

The Quarry Gardens of Queen Elizabeth Park are stunning. This area was home to a large Basalt Quarry, but now boasts beautiful gardens with all sorts of beautiful plants. See Sjo's photos of the park here.

Huge Bamboo

Lacy looking Hydrangea.

Phi had fun feeding the ducks rocks. :) They would come swimming towards him every time!

Off on their adventure.

Earthworm education.

After the park, we decided to go to Granville Island for supper. Of course that included dessert. Here Drooler is saying "milk in it? Sorry Drooler" to himself as he looks at all the delicacies that he can't have due to his milk allergy! It is so cute when he says this. I guess his mommy said it to him so many times that he just started quoting her to himself!

Sjo's photo of this turned out better. On the way home our alternator went kaput. First the interior lights were dim, and eventually our CD player, headlights, interior lights, windows and overdrive stopped working among other things. Everything electric just quit so we knew it had to be the alternator. We were thankful for triple A and were towed home safely! The crazy thing is that the car stopped RIGHT outside the Richmond tunnel. It would have been a very bad thing for it to quit just a moment sooner, as we would have been stuck blocking one lane of the tunnel!

Finally home, safe and sound.

On Lord's day, we went out for Pho soup for lunch and the last item on the menu cracked us up. "Have a nice day" costs you $1.50!!!

Drooler's new talent- folding his tongue in half sideways.

Lee holding his bottle by himself.

Monday morning breakfast. Baby German pancakes! Notice my little gluten free one didn't really puff up, I used the wrong baking mix but it was so yummy!

That day we went to the Lake Stevens disc golf course.

Form is important! :)

Music maker at the playground.

A swing big enough to share. They loved it!


  1. Oh, the bamboo is SPECTACULAR! I love bamboo. Can't grow it here in my desert. :-) Looks like fun.

  2. That looks like so much fun! Cute pics of the kids. You make me want to go back to G Island, make German pancakes and also have some Pho Soup again! Yum! We hardly ever go into Vancouver now. That's too funny about the "nice day" being $1.50!

  3. I want to come too! How many bedrooms do you have for rent????

  4. sister- we have two bedrooms and two living rooms. :) Come on over lol.


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