Monday, September 29, 2008

Splish Splash

Well, the splishing and splashing was mostly Petra running OUT of the water, but she still had a lot of fun! She would hop and run from rock to rock and walk around in circles trying to find a less wet way to join The Mr. who was knee deep in the pool. I loved her timid little puppy steps.

At this point she was standing on the rock and whimpering and whining while looking at The Mr. She wanted to go out to him but was chicken!

(turn blog music off first)


  1. Awe! Petra is getting so big! You should send me a picture of the name plate you were going to make. I wanted to see how your creation ended up looking! I want to come back to that park! OH I LOVE IT!!!! :)

  2. Petra is adorable! What a cutie pie. And, The Mr. could definitely pass for a chicken. Haha! I love the way Petra was cocking her head to the side and looking at him while he did that. So cute!

  3. She's so sweet! I'm not surprised she's not fond of water - boxers are pretty finnicky that way! What a beautiful girl!


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