Friday, September 26, 2008


We were invited to the L's home for a BBQ a few weeks ago and are still full. When you go to the L's house, you sure don't leave hungry. The menu included some of the best steaks I have ever eaten as well as salads, misc. picnic/potluck style foods and six or more huge trays of different Chinese style dishes, including prawns covered in seasonings with the shells still on. No one seemed to know what to do with those, but they sure went over well! Once we were all sitting back to let our stomachs take up the amount of space they felt was needed between us and the table was when we saw Mr. L bring out the shish-kabobs. Yes, there was even more food to be cooked and consumed. Yum. Or ouch, or however you look at it. After there was four different types of cheesecake for dessert!

Mr. and Mrs. L

Drooler's drooling again. See- there's a drip on his chin. The name stays true!


  1. Wow! Cool. This is like blast from the past. Fressie (sp?) used to cut my hair when I was about 12, and they hosted a surpise 12th birthday for me in their little apartment behind the hair shop.

  2. Whoa! Fressie cut my hair too (and permed it!!) and then we had a b-day party there for me or my brother - i can't remember. but that must be their specialty!
    ~bethany (from manitoba!)


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