Friday, September 19, 2008

End of summer BBQ

A few weeks ago Ioi and her family held their yearly end of summer BBQ. It was so much fun! Not only was there amazing food as usual, but there was a great turn out and a brand new swing set for the kids to play on. It is so much fun to see all the little kids running around and having fun. It puts a smile on everyone's faces.

Tina's little boy Caelan is really growing up. He is such a cutie and loves to be in the middle of the action. Well, with two older brothers he doesn't really have a choice does he? I love his chubby cheeks, so kissable!

Little D couldn't quite reach the pedals, but had fun climbing on and off this pink bike of Dolly's. It is amazing that he is two already and is interested in toys this big! It seems like just yesterday that the three little boys in our assembly joined us, but it was over two years ago!

Here is the most prized item of the backyard. The ginormous swing set! The kids loved this thing. What a neat toy to be able to grow up on. A lot of memories will come from this one.

After we were full of hamburgers, kabobs and all sorts of wonderful things we all sat down and sang some gospel hymns. I love singing outside. This time it was a little chilly so we passed blankets around. Gabe and Debbie had their laps full of grandchildren as you can see! Later on in the evening I looked over and Debbie had Esther on her lap, and Esther had Dolly on her lap. It was so funny. The grandchildren rotated, but there was always one on each knee. G&D are the perfect grandparents!

Ted and Bunnie say cheese for me.

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