Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rest in Peace

This is a re-post from Dec. 19 2006 in memory of our little bunny Thumper who passed on today. He will forever be remembered and will be missed by us and the little kids who loved to feed and pet him when they visited.

The Little Fluff Ball

This is our pint-sized pet. He loves lettuce, carrots, Timothy hay and rubbing his chin on people's shoes. (Yes, he really does that.) This is the story of how he came to live with us.

One day quite a while ago, when we lived in a little house in a little town, I was eating breakfast and noticed a white blob outside our front window. I looked out and saw a rabbit outside our front door. He looked lost, shy and ran away when I went out to see him. We didn't have time to do anything about the rabbit. We left to go to meeting, taking separate cars since the Mr. had to go to work half way through the day. Later when he arrived back home to prepare for work, he noticed the rabbit was still in front of the house. Before leaving for work, he gave him some apple pieces. When I got home later that night, the Mr. was still at work and the rabbit was still in our front yard! He had spent the entire day in our front yard. What was I to do? It was pretty cold outside, and the rabbit was too cute to leave alone. I searched the fridge for something other than apple slices and came up with some broccoli pieces. It took a lot of time, coaxing and a huge box, but the bunny was eventually caught. I put him in the garage and waited for the Mr. to come home. I wasn't sure what his reaction would be. Well, when he got home I told him what had taken place and he said to bring the bunny inside! So that is how the rabbit became ours. No one searched for him or put out missing posters, so we assumed he had been a pet that no one wanted anymore. Here is a little video. Excuse the poor quality, it was taken with our practically-antique digital camera. Make sure your sound is turned up! Pause the music (if it is playing) by using the bar in the column to the left, so you can hear the sound from the rabbit.

We quickly fell in love with the rabbit. I decided it was a male, so the next step was to find a suitable name. We called him Big-Foot for a while, because of his enormous feet. Eagle-Bait was another contender, since that is basically what he was when we found him. There was also Rabbit-Stew, but that one's a little crude. We still couldn't decide what to name him, until one night there was an incident that straightened it all out for us. The rabbit had free roam in all parts of the house that had Pergo flooring. We found out early on that he was cage/litter trained but we still wanted to be careful. One day I left the bedroom door open, he ran in under the bed and wouldn't come out. I was afraid he was going to chew some cords and electrocute himself so I was trying my hardest to get him out from under there. Well, after a lot of pokings with the end of a broom handle and running back and forth he still wouldn't budge. Instead, he started thumping his back leg at me. That settled it. Thumper it is! Thumper has been with us ever since, and we enjoy having him in the house. He is what they call a Mini Fuzzy-Lop. He keeps us entertained with his crazy mood swings, likes to run fast and jump up sideways in the air. He also "bunny flops", which is deciding within seconds that he needs a nap and dropping with a little hop onto his side.

Click here for more photos.

Goodbye dear pet!


  1. Aaww! how sad, what happen to him? We'll miss seeing him on visits to your place.

  2. Sorry about Thumper. It isn't easy to lose a treasured pet.

  3. How said, poor little Thumper. We will miss him on our visits.

  4. :( I'm sorry to hear about Thumper! I am not looking forward to the inevitable day that one of my treasured pets dies - its never fun. I hope he at least died a happy bunny after all your care for him :)

  5. This is sooo sad! I am so sorry! Its nice to remember that the Lord will comfort us even over the loss of a pet. Nothing is too small to bring to Him. Hugsfrom me.

  6. Sjo- He had a long term health problem that didn't get serious until the last few days of his life as far as we can tell.

    Thanks for the support and comments everyone! It's been hard getting used to him being gone.


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