Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Visitor

Below is a photo of the most unexpected guest to W & K's wedding reception a couple of weeks ago. David (the oldest kid from over here) called to me through the open kitchen window as I was doing dishes and told me "Look! Quick!"

David was standing about 10 feet from a tree in which this cute little guy had just started to climb. I rushed outside with my camera and was able to get a couple of shots in before the excitement started. It was the tiniest raccoon I had ever seen, but was probably not a baby, more like a pre-teen. :)

As more and more people heard about the raccoon, a crowd grew around the base of the tree. Then David's daddy started climbing the tree. He's a veterinarian, so I guess he was just really interested in the raccoon. Anyways... the raccoon started climbing higher and higher so we all went inside and left it alone to come down on it's own accord and go to wherever it calls home. Poor little guy! So cute though.

The tables were laden with beautiful flowers and yummy truffles.

Our huge board room table at the meeting room was covered with all sorts of yummy pastas and sauces, salads, breads and chocolate desserts. There's the happy new bride in the dress that Drooler's momma made.

Chiquita showed me her plate after going through the food line and I was impressed enough to snap a quick photo. Mmmm... a roll and orange Jello, I think she definitely covered all of the food groups don't you think? At least the kid approved ones! I saw her later with some healthier options on her plate, so don't worry about her health or anything.

Sorry I don't have more photos- it was a busy busy day!


  1. that little raccoon is so CUTE!!
    LOL about Chiquita's plate full of "healthy" food! Love it! ;)

  2. I think your raccoon is cuter then ours. But that also may be because he's not chewing up anything. They are funny little critters. Looks like a fun day.


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