Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Play Dates

This was a busy day of visiting. First stop: Burger King to meet up with my old (and current) friend Anna from over at Borderline Bonkers. I also made sure her mom Judy was there and was glad to see that her sister Em and brother Phil could come as well.

Anna's little boy Ethan was scared of Kitten at first and would stay as far away as possible at all times. In the photo below you can see that he eventually got over this. :)

We first met at the Burger King in the North end of Regina, but they had no play structure, so we got back in our cars and drove to the opposite end of town only to find out that they also had removed their play structure. I sure hope this means they are just getting new ones and not taking them out for good! The kids were so disappointed. BUT, the nice thing is that they had a ton of fun just running around and playing in the open space.

L to R: my sis Holly, Ethan, Anna, Judy, Emily, myself and Kaitlyn.

Ethan has grown up since last time I saw him.

After that, The Mr. and I went to my grandparents house to visit with them for a while. Grandma has beautiful flowers, as you can see from the peony below.

My Grandpa and Grandma in front of their home. I have so many good memories there!

After visiting my grandparents we went to Hosh and Jolly's for an amazing dinner of marinated and BBQ'd salmon, garlic mashed potatoes and fruity spinach salad. It was such a good meal and I forgot to take any photos to remember it by. I did however take a few photos of a little visitor that dropped down onto the table in front of me to say hello. Isn't he cute?

That evening we went to this neat indoor mini golf. It makes you feel like you are somewhere tropical, but with air conditioning! Click on the photo below to see the setting, it's pretty neat.

The guys are so competitive, and laughing the whole time.

Old fashioned ride on toy. Anyone have a quarter?

Wow. What form. Not.

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