Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Widdle Brudder is all Growed Up...

... and I gained a sister in law! My only brother Bradley who is 22 and the second youngest of the 4 kids in my family got married on June 21st. The wedding was held on a beautiful day, inside the Regina Floral Conservatory.

Bird of Paradise

The Bride Christa and her dad.

Beginning of the vows.

Kitten snuggles in.

The Reception was held here and I must say it was a great choice because the food was excellent. :) This is the amazingly beautiful wedding cake that the mother of the bride made. Isn't it pretty?! It matched the invitations and table cards.

Brad and Christa, Congratulations on your marriage. I know you two love each other a lot and I wish you the best for your marriage. I pray for you both and that your marriage will be a blessing to others around you and that the home you make together will be one that is God centered. May you always love each other as much as it was obvious you did on this special day.

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