Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, this is just what the title says. All the left over photos that didn't really belong in the other posts. :) This post concludes the series of our trip to Regina. Enjoy!

First up is Kitten of course. Playing with the $2 garage sale find that I mentioned here. It just brought back so many memories that I had to buy it. I am sure it is rare and worth a lot of money (....or not.)

I love how her little face is reflected in the mirror.

Ok, second is the knitted squares hat. When you are in a park knitting squares for a blanket and it gets dark and cold, take comfort in knowing that you can quickly stitch three of those aforementioned squares together, pin the top back like a flap with a bow of coordinating yarn, add some crochet chain ties for under the neck and voila, you have a beautiful baby hat. Ok, so maybe it's not that beautiful, but it sure makes for a great photo of a very confused looking baby.
"Why is everyone staring at me and laughing?"

Close up of the flap.

Nice and warm!

Thirdly, we have the sticky note love. I love sticky notes, so when I saw this one, I had to snap a photo of it. It says "Mmmm, food."

And last but not least, I give you a photo I title "hair blowing in the wind and drool dripping from the chin- the perfect way to cool off on a too-hot day."

"Ahhhh.... this is the life!"


  1. I must have been pretty young at the time, but I remember you guys having one of those. It was one of my favorite toys at your house! That and the elephant scooter with the seat that opened.

  2. Oh my! I totally forgot about the elephant. His nose was actually a ring toss too, until we ripped it off. I get all teary thinking of that thing! What I would really love to find is the yellow café table with the two red/orange bear chairs. Do you remember that?

  3. Oh my gosh your little one is so cute!

  4. Hello there Retro Housewife! Thanks for stopping by. I must explain though, that the little one "kitten" is not mine no matter how hard I wish so! :) She is my sister's little girl who I very much love. I agree that she is very cute, and that must be why I post so many photos of her. :)

  5. We used to have one of those toys that Kitten was playing with in the first pictures! -I had forgotten about it until I saw this post! They really keep kids busy! :) And good quality, too! :)


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