Monday, May 5, 2008


The Mr. and I were in the Seattle area last week for a visit. We got to see our newest niece again, it is fun seeing the changes that come each week. She coo's and has even smiled a few times now.

Nordstrom's flagship store. Five stories filled with the fanciest clothing and bathrooms you'll ever visit!

Pike place market. We were walking around down town Seattle and ran into the market. We had no clue we were that close and it really surprised us. It was good timing because The Mr.'s sister Debbie was looking for souvenirs for her family back at home.

The life sized bronze piggy bank.

Fresh vegetables.

Picking out jewelry for Debbie's daughter.

There were rows and rows of beautiful flowers. No matter the season, Pike Place has so many different blooms to choose from. Whether it is the flowers of spring and summer, or the dried pepper wreaths and dried bouquets of autumn, they are all so beautiful.

This was the view from Mom J's 11th floor hospital room at Swedish. Please pray for her as she has been diagnosed with Cancer and the doctors suggest that chemotherapy is needed. This weighs heavy on our hearts.


  1. Beautiful pics today C.

    Praying for all of you!

  2. The Mr.'s family never calls when they come to Seattle. I've been living within 6 blocks of the Market for 1.5 years and no one ever calls. sigh.

  3. Well Rachel, Sorry about that! I guess it is hard to remember since we have been visiting the market for years!

  4. We enjoyed visiting Pikes Place when we were there...except for trying not to lose 3 kids! It seems there is so much to see, do, visit, etc there! Seattle is anything but boring.


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