Monday, April 7, 2008


April 2008
I caught the photo above while we were in Leavenworth and it reminded me of a trend I noticed. See if you can pick it up.

April 2007

April 2004
And the funny thing is that I am sure I have a lot more of these to post but it would take me forever to find them all. :) What is it about Starbucks. The Mr. and newspapers?!


  1. HAHA thats awesome. I remember being in Banff at a starbucks and I think they were reading the paper. It actually looked like the bottom picture. MEN. I tell you....

  2. Kim- the bottom picture IS in Banff Starbucks. Notice the date is April 2004!? Fun times....

  3. Too funny, I'm thinking it "should" be social hour with the wife though!

  4. Ha, ha, he reads the paper every April. seemed funnier in my head...never mind.


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