Friday, March 14, 2008


After our time at Granville Island, we made our way up to Whistler. Dave and Heather had a free hotel room there that would accommodate another couple, so they invited us to go up with them. Heather skis and Dave, the Mr. and I snowboard so we planned to hit the mountains the next day.

This is a building in downtown Vancouver that we passed on our way up. Look how it balances on one little cube. It's not a tiny building either!

I love bridges, they are so fun to take photos of.

When we arrived in Whistler, our first stop was Starbucks!

We went out for dinner and as you can see by the plate sitting in front of Dave, the food was plentiful and very good! All our plates were empty before leaving and Dave only had a little help near the end.

Heather on the Whistler Gondola. We are ready to spend our day at Whistler-Blackcomb!

Bright blue skies and perfect weather!

See the bottom of my blog for some photos that Dave took and stitched using his Canon camera and program. It is too wide to look good in a post, so I will leave it there at the bottom for a while.

These two photos are of pine cone left overs. From the lifts and gondolas, they just look like mushrooms growing upwards from the branches of the tree so I had to stop and look close up. It looks like the pine cone perches on the top of the branch instead of the bottom like we usually see, and the pieces fall off, leaving the center standing. So strange!

Don't they remind you of mushrooms?

Heather at Blackcomb Glacier, taken by Dave.

The future peak to peak chair. Watch this video and make sure to click the three boxes at the end. It is so interesting! It is going to be higher than 4 1/2 Statues of Liberty and rise 415 meters above the ground. See the tiny outlines of statues in the photo? Niagra Falls could be stacked 8 times to equal the height of it. They say it will be almost 3 1/2 times longer than the Golden Gate Bridge. There will be 28 cars and it will travel a span of 4.4 kilometers.


  1. Ohhh looks like a wonderful time C! Such pretty pics, and that food, WOW!

  2. Hey, I found my way to your blogg! I moved today, so I am quite busy unpacking. but I will definately come back again and check it out again!!!you wanted to leave you a small note to say hello.
    love and greetings from Germany, Maria

  3. WOW look at all that snow, so beautiful. It looks like you had a really super time.

  4. Ahhh, makes me want to go to Whistler again...Blackcomb was great...perhaps I'll get there yet this season...looks like you had awesome weather!


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