Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hello there fellow bloggers. This here is a broadcasting from "The Wonderful Letter K" aka "The Bratty Little Sister" or "Big Foot". Oh, one more, "Kimberley-Clark-Wipes". I have such a lovely brother-in-law whom I like to call "Earlobes". Such a gem. I would never give him away. Maybe only to a friend I don't like anymore that is moving to... let's say... China? Is that far enough away? I don't know. If there are any suggestions lets hear it. I'm sure most of you know him.

I'm breaking into Chatty's blog to give it some spice. She's a great person though. She takes great pictures that I steal and she makes me wonderful banners to put on my page. Thanks to my darling I have the most FABULOUS shoe-banner. Suits me just fine. :D

---Don't be offended now darling, but some younger blood really does juice it up. Not that I'm saying you're old or anything. You are only almost 26.---

Thats half way to 52. Wait, is that right? I'm a bit of a blonde when it comes to mental math. But let me inform you, I'm WAY better than Chatty. ;) I think its right. I've been told by many wise souls to go with your first instinct. That's probably why I screamed the first time I saw Chatty as a baby. :)

This is proving difficult to post on Chatty's wall. I thought I would feel all mischeivous and such and therefore have a funny and interesting readable post but I really don't. It's not so easy to write a novel without pictures. I guess then it wouldn't be called a novel if it had pictures.

Nevertheless I've had a wonderful stay on the West Coast and I wish terribly I could stay here. Unfortunately I don't want to live with Chatty and Earlobes. It would be utter Chaos don't you think? We'd spend all our money on shopping, shoes, chocolate and baby clothes. Yup, that is surely what we would do. Oh, and my stress level would be so high from the constant chatting Chatty gives out. Especially once it gets mixed with mine. NOT A GOOD THING. Although I must say I do love my darling Chatty.

Talk to you all again once I'm back to my good old stubble jumping in the Prairies! Hopefully my airplane won't get highjacked as it's flying over Alberta on the way to my homeland. They might just want to take out the hay-bale or the cow down there below the clouds. It would cause such a riot in the political system of the world today. So entirely likely don't you think? Wow, I'm really getting scared! Pray for safe travelling!!

XOXO Much Love!


  1. Oh K if you are a brat, you sure are a bubbly brat. Glad you gals had fun together but will glad to have you both back in blogland cuz we missed you! K, praying for a safe trip home and C, have a relaxing "quiet" day Ü

  2. You can definitely tell you two are sisters in that picture! Have a safe trip home K! Always fun to read your posts you're a great writer.

  3. haha :) you little high-jacker! have a safe trip home and come back soon! it was fun hanging out!

  4. You are blessed to have each other! Glad you could come out, K, and thanks for helping out with the food at conference, and for adding a little spice to our lives!

  5. Well, I have to wonder what you would have said about my dear son if you WERE feeling mischievous. I, of course, assumed you were referriing to the BIL from Regina until you linked him with Chatty. What a rascal! Have a good trip home and tell Chatty I've gone as long as I can without a cheer up from her blog.
    Chatty's MIL

  6. Amen Pat! Ü It's been a long week without her!


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