Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kids Being Kids

The little boys are growing up too fast, look at these sweet smiles on Luke and Drooler. On the other side of the counter these two are sharing the same stool.

I have no clue where The Pizza Game originated from, but those are some interesting pizza toppings the kids added! It sure kept these kids busy during some extra time at meeting! L to R: Teddy Bear, Chiquita, David, Abigirl, Beanie, Esther and Momo.


  1. LoL...what strange children! :)

  2. Wow! Luke and Drooler are looking very grown up. Might have to think of another nick name for Drooler pretty soon!

  3. Cute "pizza" picture. Looks professional.

  4. Oh, how funny. Kids just love saying boogers. If it's silly, then they like it.

  5. Tracy- I can just see you blush. :) I'm sure you'll get back at me some day. Earwax eh?

    Sjo- I know.... but drooler is his name, how can I change?! I'm gonna need suggestions.

    Aunt Knittery- what "pizza" picture? Do you mean the video?

    Thanks for all the comments!


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