Monday, February 25, 2008

Change of Seasons

I try and take a walk each morning, and it is very interesting to watch as the seasons change. Just a few weeks ago I was greeted by frosty paths, icy stream beds and my frozen breath in the air in front of me.

See how the ice is higher and cracking along the sides of the stream? That is because the ocean's tides change the water level in this river. The water falls and the ice stays behind. This is at the Birch Bay State Park.

Icy crystals covering the foot bridge- slippery!

More ice.

Even on a cold icy day, you can find color in the North West!

This photo is of a puddle that froze in such a beautiful pattern that I just couldn't help myself from stopping and photographing it.

Then just a couple of weeks ago, I took these photos on a clear day. Things were getting greener and greener along the walk. Buds are forming, little shoots are visible all over the place and the sun felt warmer.

First buds on a Rhody.

Baby leaves.

Blooms! Maybe an ornamental cherry? I don't know!

A neat seed pod or left over flower part of some sort. I am pretty sure this is where Clematis the size of dessert plates were blooming in the summer.

I wedged my camera through a fence into a backyard to get this shot. The lady who lives here always takes such good care of her plants and has an adorable cottage.

These little berries were growing on little 6" leafless twigs sticking out of an old stump. They caught me off guard, because I didn't expect to see berries on the ground, or in the spring! Usually they are found in the fall. I have no clue what these are.

These next few photos were taken recently. Things are getting pretty around here. It is warm enough today that I washed the car in flip flops.

These popped up in the grass beside our public mail box.

Pussy Willows!


  1. Ohh I love the first signs of Spring. Thanks for sharing your beautfil pictures. We are still a least a month behind you. Our temperatures have warmed up but March is our snowiest month and I love it!

  2. Spring hasn't quite arrived here yet. =)

  3. My mini irises are up too! Spring is such a fun time of year!

  4. These are so fantastic! You are amazing with your camera, love em!
    And wish we were thawing like that.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I've ordered a digital SLR and I am so excited!

  6. Hi there! I am so bad... I just figured out how to get here from your comments on my blog. You are a great photographer, I love your sites! Thanks so much for commenting on mine, especially since I don't post near as often as I should... that's on my top 100 to do list, ha ha, when I'm not playing, baking or sleeping! I LOVE that you put SAHW and keeper of the home too! Keep in touch!

  7. Gorgeous pictures, cuz! I need to come and visit!


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