Friday, January 25, 2008

10 Awards for 10 Blogging Friends

Anna over at McLean Family Chronicles awarded me with the Excellent Blogger award here. Thank you Anna! Part of receiving the reward is to pass it on to 10 other blogs that you feel are excellent. They in turn do the same, but I am going to copy Anna. If you don't have the time, or don't have the blog list or just simply don't want to play along, that is fine! No pressure. :) You still deserve the mention.

So here are my 10, in alphabetical order:

DeliaJude- It's fun to keep in touch cousin! Your outlook on life, beautiful crafts, writing, home decorating and ideas inspire me. I look forward to your posts. You are an amazing mother to your two children. Your blog is fun to read, so keep it comin'!

Franklin and Bethany- It is so interesting to read your blog and I wait patiently for each post. It is neat to read your stories and they give us just a little glimpse of what life in Japan for two English teachers must be like. I hope you are both doing well and that we will see another blog post soon! More funny stories please!

I'm His Cowgirl- I love the way your blog reads as a diary. I love your love of animals and your desire to be a good homemaker. You seem to have achieved it! Your blog shows that family is important to you, you are a hard worker and that the things that are important to your husband are also important to you. These are very good things! I love when you post and it's like being back on the farm again as I read your blog. Thanks!

Knittery Kate- You are a busy busy woman with your 4 grown kids at home, helping with the family business, being the family chauffeur and teaching Sunday School among many other things. You have a full schedule but I always feel like I can come to you if I need to ask a question or need advice. Thank you Aunt Kathy! Through all this you continue to blog about interesting things and post nice photographs, keep up the good work.

Lily of the Valley- You have three beautiful little girls who you homeschool. I love the little bits and pieces of the homeschool life that come out through your blog. Thank you for the posts centered on spiritual topics because often they are just what I need. You also chronicle all the little vacations your family takes, so your blog has become a good place to look when one wants to go on a short vacation. Each place you have posted about looks so neat that I have added many to my "places to visit" list. Thank you for your blog and keep writing- it's very enjoyable!

Madame Bluestocking- Well cuz, what can I say. Your artistic abilities inspire me. Reading about how much you care for people who need help has brought me to tears more than once. I wish helping others was easier and that you actually did have the material things it would take to open your dream restaurant where the refugee woman would work. Keep posting, and... post often!

Moments and Musings- You are another busy woman. You take after your Aunt K. I guess! You have three small children and it seems your life must be like a whirlwind around you. Yet you keep a calm and relaxed attitude and I love this about you. You have a blog in order to keep track of all those little milestones of your children and family, and I really enjoy each and every post. Your children are adorable and you will be glad you have the blog to look back at later on in their lives. Great job!

Our Little Nuggets- For having just started blogging, your blog is so good! You also homeschool your kids, so the fact that you even find time to do this is great. Each and every one of your posts are so interesting. A few of them have been so enjoyable to read that I would sit and laugh as I read it over and over. Keep up the stories and cute photos because they make my day!

The Erlandson Family- Your stories of the prairies remind me of growing up, so your blog is like a visit home for me. You are a really good writer, and the way you put things often has me laughing out loud. Your blog is so enjoyable, keep writing! It is nice to get to know you better.

The Wonderful Letter K- Your my sister and I love that you have a blog. It's just one more way that we can keep in touch. I love how you write as if you are having a conversation with the reader. It is often a medley of topics as you think through things and talk about your day to day life and it's very interesting. Your photography is great. My only suggestion is give us more!


  1. Awe thanks for the award! The only problem is i don't have 10 blogger friends.... :P oh well. I can sit and bask in my winning. i'm only on here to print out your no bake recipe! I can't wait to eat them!!!

  2. OHHHH BEAUTIFUL!!! don't you just love awards...!! Your blog is GREAT!!!! can't wait to peek back!!


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