Monday, December 3, 2007


Here's a cute poem about leftover turkey I found the other day. I have made turkey sandwiches, turkey soup and Aztec chicken (with turkey instead.) The rest is going to stay in the freezer for a while.

Thanksgiving has been over
at least a week or two,
but we're still all eating turkey,
turkey salad, turkey stew.

Turkey puffs and turkey pudding,
turkey patties, turkey pies,
turkey bisque and turkey burgers,
turkey fritters, turkey fries.

For lunch our mother made us
turkey slices on a stick,
there'll be turkey tarts for supper,
all this turkey makes me sick.

For tomorrow she's preparing
turkey dumplings stuffed with peas,
oh I never thought I'd say this--
"Mother! No more turkey...PLEASE!"

-Jack Prelutsky, It's Thanksgiving, 1982


  1. What a cute poem. I froze most of mine too so they wouldn't say that. It does work pretty well in place of chicken. We did turkey sweet and sour over rice and you couldn't tell the difference.

  2. I like your winter theme by the way! Snow boarding sounds like a lot of fun but it probably wouldn't be advisable at 6 months pregnant! :0)

  3. Sarah- how do you make sweet and sour chicken/turkey? Can you email me your recipe?


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